Representative Noem criticizes proposed ag cuts


Leaders in the U.S. House are going back to the drawing board after a Continuing Resolution that would have funded the government past September 30th unexpectedly failed on Wednesday.

Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD) told reporters via conference call that she’s still optimistic that lawmakers will have enough time to pass a bill that contains much-needed disaster relief after this year’s hurricanes and flooding.

Noem 1

Last week, the Senate passed a stand-alone $6.9 billion measure to provide emergency relief to victims of recent disasters. Meanwhile, Noem took issue with President Obama’s budget cutting proposal unveiled during a Rose Garden event earlier this week.  Noem says agriculture was hit “very hard” in his plan.

Noem 2

The White House proposal would make a total of $33 billion in cuts in direct payments, crop insurance administration and premium subsidies and conservation programs.  Noem, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, says she’d like to see her panel have a chance to weigh in on agricultural cuts.

Noem 3

The White House budget-cutting proposal was sent to the so-called Congressional “super committee” that’s supposed to come up with a deficit reduction plan.