ACE welcomes energy policy debate and recognition that increased domestic energy production creates jobs


The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) said it welcomes debate about energy policy and job creation, and reminds the public and candidates for office that since the Renewable Fuel Standard was enacted, the ethanol industry has increased energy supplies and added more new jobs than any other domestic energy product.

ACE Executive Vice President, Brian Jennings, says this is a good time for the industry to highlight the benefits that ethanol is providing in the United States.

“ACE is pleased to see the focus on improving domestic energy production on the campaign trail. We have continually reminded elected officials and candidates for office that ethanol has increased our domestic energy production and has provided new jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans. While many say they support an “All of the above” energy strategy, policy recommended and supported by some candidates often seem to be “all of the below” strategies, focusing only on more drilling in more places to try boost job numbers. We need to remember that ethanol production has already contributed to hundreds of thousands of jobs in the US, and will continue to do so as long the EPA is not prevented from allowing consumers the option of using 15% ethanol-blended fuel, and as we continue to install more blender pumps and build more flex-fuel vehicles,” Jennings said.

Source: ACE