Dalrymple to testify during EPA hearing


Governor Jack Dalrymple will testify Thursday, Oct. 13, during an EPA hearing held in Bismarck.  The EPA is taking public comments regarding its proposed Regional Haze implementation plan. Dalrymple is scheduled to testify first during Thursday’s hearing and he will be available for interviews following his testimony.

The two-day public hearing will be begin at 1p.m Thursday. It will be held at the State Health Building, 2639 East Main Ave., Bismarck.

Dalrymple opposes EPA plans to usurp the state’s authority to manage its own air quality program. The Governor said EPA’s Regional Haze plan would increase energy costs without making any discernible improvements in North Dakota’s air quality. North Dakota has successfully implemented an air quality program which has resulted in the state being one of only 12 states that comply with all federal ambient air quality standards.

Source: office of Governor Dalrymple