North Dakota Soybean Council announces new election process


Election of the ND Soybean Council’s county representatives will take place in December 2011. Early next year, county representatives will select members of the ND Soybean Council.

Nominations need to be made so that names of candidates for County Representative can be put on the election ballot.  In early October, the ND Soybean Council will mail a nomination form to soybean producers of record in all North Dakota counties. For a nomination to be considered, nomination forms must be submitted to the local County Extension Agent by November 1, or a mailed-in form must be post marked no later than November 1. If a North Dakota soybean farmers does not receive a nomination form in the mail, they are encouraged to contact their Count Extension Agent or the ND Soybean Council to obtain one.

After nominations are reviewed and validated by the County Extension Agent, names of the nominees will be sent to the ND Soybean Council. In December, the Council will mail to soybean producers of record an election ballot with instructions for completing and submitting it. The newly elected County Representative will be notified by January 15, 2012.

For more information and answers to questions, soybean farmers are encouraged to contact their County Extension Agent.

Source: North Dakota Soybean Council