Applications being accepted for 2010 SURE program


Applications for the 2010 Supplemental Revenue Assistance (SURE) Program are now being accepted at local Farm Service Agency offices. Interested producers should contact their local county office for an appointment to determine eligibility for SURE program payments.

Eligible producers may receive payments through the SURE program when their actual farm revenue falls below the producer’s guaranteed revenue for the crop year. To be eligible for payment, producers must have all acreage insured through either crop insurance or FSA’s Non-insured Agriculture (NAP) Program. Producers must also be located in a disaster-designated or contiguous county. The program guarantee and revenue are based on the total of all crop acreage in all counties that the producer has an interest in.

If a producer’s farm revenue is less than the farm guarantee and at least one crop of economic significance suffered a ten percent loss in yield, a SURE payment will be made based on sixty percent of the difference.

To calculate a SURE program payment, FSA will compile production, revenue and loss records from Risk Management Agency and FSA data and compare the actual revenue to the guaranteed revenue. Actual revenue is determined from national average market prices and producers are not required to provide sales documentation unless requested by their county committee.

Applications for the SURE program must be received by June 1, 2012.

For additional information on the SURE program, please contact your local FSA office or visit

Source: USDA FSA