Argentine Leadership with NCGA discuss sustainability, technology


NCGA welcomed a high-level delegation from Argentina exploring how new technology improves yields and conserves resources when used in conjunction with other agronomic practices. Designed to foster a farmer-to-farmer conversation across the Americas, delegates expressed particular interest in how U.S. growers have improved their sustainability.

“Fostering interaction between corn farmers across the hemisphere benefits both parties,” said NCGA CEO Rick Tolman. “Working together, we can both improve the sustainability of farming as a whole while also better helping potential export markets realize the importance of biotechnology.”

During their visit, Tolman, along with Marketing Department staff, led off by explaining the association’s mission, organizational structure, the key issues with which it deals and some of the major activities currently underway. Representatives from NCGA’s Production and Utilization Department then took the floor to provide an in-depth look at the current state of corn production in the United States. Beginning with an overview of supply and demand estimates, the team went on to explain the importance of technological advances to farmers and to improving the industry’s overall sustainability. Finally, the presentation closed addressing the role that biotechnology can play in trade issues.

The group, hosted by Monsanto, included the presidents of the Argentinean No Till Farmer Association, the country’s largest coop, the main farmers’ union in Argentina’s north, the country’s largest grower association, and the northern region’s largest grower association.

Source: NCGA