Day two of 2012 Farm Bill Issues and Challenges conference underway

Day two of the 2012 Farm Bill Issues and Challenges conference underway at the Fargo Holiday Inn features a general session that shares the title of the overall gathering…the Issues and Challenges for formulating the next farm bill.

North Dakota Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring is moderating today’s first general session on Crop Insurance. He’ll also speak on the Issues and Challenges panel at mid-morning. We asked Goehring what he hopes this conference will produce.

Panel 1

Minnesota Farm Bureau President Kevin Paap will also be a panel speaker on this morning’s Issues and Challenges Panel.

Panel 2

North Dakota Farmers Union Vice President Woody Barth will also serve on the panel.

Panel 3

The 2012 Farm Bill: Issues and Challenges conference wraps up today at the Holiday Inn, in Fargo, North Dakota at Noon Central with concluding comments from the event’s co-organizer, Dr. Won Koo of North Dakota State University.