NAFB Trade Talk 2011: BASF maximizing yield and managing risk


We spoke with Dr. Dan Westberg from BASF during Trade Talk at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. He told us about two new herbicides that BASF has introduced to manage weed resistance: OpTill PRO herbicide for soybeans and Zidua herbicide to control grasses and small seeded broadleaf weeds…

BASF Dr. Dan Westberg

We also spoke with Mike Hofer, who says BASF has created special offers for 2012 to help growers maximize their yield, manage risk and increase their efficiency….

BASF Mike Hofer

BASF’s Nick Fassler says there is a new foliar fungicide, Priaxor, they are introducing for corn, soybeans, cereal crops and other crops…

BASF Nick Fassler