South Dakota state government releases new website


On Nov. 15, South Dakota’s state government launched their redesigned state website: SD.GOV. Governor Dennis Daugaard released a column about their new website and his excitement about the milestone. His column is  as follows:

In the 21st century and beyond, South Dakota’s online portal is and will be an increasingly important element in our ability to serve the people. A highly functioning website will be the difference between tunneling through many different pages and a one-click ability to find what you are seeking. I’m proud to say that our Bureau of Information and Telecommunications has delivered a quality website to the people of South Dakota.

The new website features several main advantages that add functionality, aesthetic appeal and accessibility. The most crucial improvement in the website is the move from link-based navigation to search-based navigation. What that means for South Dakotans is that they don’t have to know all the divisions of government to find a hunting license or the closest state park. Our citizens (and potential visitors) only need to type a word or two about the government service they are seeking, and the search function will offer webpage choices to select.
The remodeled website also serves another important purpose – its reinforcement and expansion of state government openness and accessibility. Along the bottom banner of our new state homepage is an icon that leads to There, you will find information on almost every financial transaction that the state of South Dakota makes. I feature this icon because our residents have a right to know how their tax dollars are spent.Aside from significant gains in user-friendliness, the new site is also very visually appealing. In our land of Great Faces and Great Places, it is important that we showcase the beauty of South Dakota. The state’s photographer, Chad Coppess, has supplied images from around South Dakota that appear as the background for our new homepage. Those who will visit, or who plan to move to South Dakota, should be welcomed by the very best our state has to offer. When you visit SDGOV, be sure to refresh the page a few times to see a sample of the great images of our state.

I hope that South Dakotans enjoy our new website. I hope you take pride in a new face for state government that adds convenience, beauty, accessibility and openness to interactions with state government, both now and in the future.

Source: Office of Governor Daugaard