Ethanol co-product helps feed Chinese livestock industry


The U.S. Grains Council continued efforts to educate Chinese feed ingredient buyers about the many advantages of dried distillers grains from the United States. DDGS, an ethanol coproduct, act as a competitively priced, environmentally friendly source of protein for animals and present an excellent opportunity for both ingredient buyers and ethanol producers alike.

The Council, of which the National Corn Growers Association is a founding member, held workshops in Guangzhou and Qingdao, China. These day-long sessions provided the more than 450 attendees a comprehensive overview of the most current data on the DDGS market, including discussions about and analysis of the value of U.S. DDGS in particular. Organized in cooperation with FoodChina Company, the learning sessions also included presentations from respected industry officials on the use of DDGS in swine, poultry and dairy rations and on quality control procedures.

The events benefitted Council members as they afforded buyers and sellers a valuable opportunity to connect with one another.

Educational and promotion activities in this market are of especial importance as the pace of U.S. DDGS imports into China has slowed since reaching a record volume last year. While the United States continues to export large volumes into this market, the slight downturn comes on the heels of the Chinese government’s initiation of an anti-dumping case last winter. U.S. shipments in the January-to-September period were down 49 percent from the previous year but still totaled almost one million metric tons, making China the number two export market for distillers grains.

Source: NCGA