Senator Tester gives beef jerky as gift to “chew on”


Senator Jon Tester is giving his colleagues in Congress something to chew on this Christmas… literally.

This week, Tester and his wife Sharla gave all 99 other U.S. Senators packs of Montana’s famous Hi-Country beef jerky as a holiday gift.

“Jon said he wanted to leave members of Congress with some Montana common sense to chew on over the holidays,” Sharla Tester said.  “So I suggested the next best thing for folks to chew on: beef jerky.”

“Sharing Hi-Country jerky with the entire Senate is a good way to make this whole place a little more like Montana,” Sen. Tester added.  “Some Montanans consider jerky to be its own food group, so why not share it over the holidays and support a good Montana business in the process?”

Hi-Country Snack Foods, founded in 1976, is headquartered in Lincoln, Mont.

In all, Tester delivered 99 packs of Hi-Country Jerky to his fellow senators, totaling about 50 pounds.


Source: Office of Senator Tester