Under Secretary Scuse talks about camelina pilot program


The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a pilot program in early December to provide crop insurance for camelina in North Dakota and Montana. Oil from crushed camelina seeds can be easily converted into biofuel and the plant can be rotated with more traditional crops like wheat and barley.

Michael Scuse, Acting Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services, says there is a lot of potential to create a new renewable energy market right here in the United States.

Camelina 1

Scuse says we need to find new crops to produce energy, away from the traditional ethanol from corn and biodiesel from soybeans. He says this pilot project for camelina will help find a new energy crop to be an important new tool for renewable energy.

Scuse says the coverage levels for camelina will go from the basic catastrophic level all the way up to a 65 percent level of coverage.

Camelina 2

Scuse says they think growers will be excited about the program, as it will give them a pretty good level of protection. The program is a pilot program, so it will only be available to select counties in North Dakota and Montana for the two thousand twelve crop year.

Camelina 3

The following is a list of counties eligible for the insurance, coming off the Risk Management Agency’s website: