Dr. Gunderson talks about importance & benefits of Precision Agriculture Action Summit


The Precision Agriculture Action Summit is wrapping up today at the North Dakota Farmers Union Convention Center in Jamestown. Dr. Paul Gunderson, director of the Dakota Center for Technology-Optimized Agriculture, will be hosting the wrap up session and is looking forward to what technology advancements and studies will be a result of the summit.

There are many goals for this summit, according to Gunderson.

Gunderson 1

Gunderson says perhaps the most exciting technology in precision agricultural advancement across North America is the capability to precisely provide nutrients that our growing crop requires.

He says precision technology also has given health benefits to producers by reducing fatigue levels, removing workers from direct contact with some forms of ag products that are known to affect health.

During his session, he will be taking questions which will help guide future research of precision ag technologies.

Gunderson 2

Gunderson says this conference is important to producers because it will allow them to interact with the developers of these technologies.

Gunderson 3

The summit finishes up today with Dr. Gunderson’s closing session named “Where do we go from here.”