Licensing expedited for volunteer electricians to rewire flood-damaged homes


Governor Jack Dalrymple today signed an executive order that expedites the temporary licensing of qualified electricians who volunteer to rewire flood-damaged homes.

“Several faith-based groups from around the country have offered to provide free electrical wiring services and this order should help speed up the process of rebuilding flood-damaged homes in the Minot area and in other communities,” Dalrymple said. “We have many homeowners who need all the help they can get and we want to make sure that qualified, volunteer electricians can help us rebuild.”

Dalrymple’s executive order enables the State Electrical Board to expedite the temporary licensing of electricians who are already licensed in other states. The temporary licenses will apply only to electricians who volunteer their services to rewire homes damaged in 2011 floods.

The temporary licenses will maintain safety standards by requiring minimum hours of experience.  Licensed volunteer electricians will work under the supervision of a North Dakota master electrician and all of the work will be inspected to ensure it meets North Dakota’s wiring standards.

Source: Office of Governor Dalrymple