North & South Dakota crop reports, snow cover poor


North Dakota

As of January 29, snow cover protection for alfalfa was rated 90 percent poor, 9 adequate and 1 excellent.  Snow cover protection for winter wheat was rated 80 percent poor and 20 adequate.

South Dakota

Snow cover ratings improved slightly with the arrival of minimal snow cover in January, with the average snow depth for the state at 1.6 inches. Winter wheat condition is rated at 1 percent very poor, 29 percent poor, 45 percent fair, and 25 percent in the good to excellent range. Snow cover for winter wheat is rated at 87 percent poor with the remaining 13 percent adequate, compared to last month rated at 95 percent poor and 5 percent adequate.  Alfalfa snow cover is rated at 83 percent poor and 17 percent adequate, compared to last month’s ratings of 96 percent poor and 4 percent adequate.


Sources: USDA NASS ND & SD Field Offices