Precision Ag Action Summit brings Lanny Faleide to talk mobile & remote sensing technology


On January 16-17, the Precision Agriculture Action Summit took place at the ND Farmers Union Conference Center in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Lanny Faleide, CEO of Agri ImaGIS Technologies, hosted a session in which he spoke about the future of precision ag tools currently available, what is going on in mobile technologies and some advancements in the remote sensing technologies.

Faleide 1

Faleide estimates that at least 3 fourths of producers will have some sort of pad computer in the future, and majority of businesses like seed companies, fertilizer companies and others will be buying ipads. He shares about what his company is doing with mobile technology.

Faleide 2

Faleide says the summit is important to share information between producers and those creating the technologies, to utilize what is available.

Faleide 3

Faleide says the summit is a great forum for producers in the Northern Plains to see what leading companies’ latest advancements are and how they work. He says farmers need to keep abreast of all the new technologies as this is an exciting time for agriculture.