Precision Agriculture Action Summit starts today in Jamestown


The Precision Agriculture Action Summit is starting today at the Jamestown Farmers Union Conference Center. The two day summit’s purpose is to explore latest innovations, research, trends, technology applications and demonstrations for successful implementation in precision agriculture.

The many sessions at the summit include presentations on the economics of precision ag, GPS and wireless communication applications, sprayer and planting equipment, mapping, and in-field and remote sensing technologies.

Woody Barth, North Dakota Farmers Union President, says the conference is featuring nationally recognized ag leaders, and he says it is an important summit for producers and agriculture.

Barth 1

He says Farmers Union believes in educating those both inside and outside the agriculture industry, and hosting this summit allows them to continue their goals.

Barth says when it comes to advancing the future of technology in agriculture, this conference will be a tool for producers.

Barth 2

The summit wraps up on Tuesday with a closing session at 2:25 p.m. by Dr. Paul Gunderson who will be gathering producers’ questions and focusing on how to move forward with technology advancements.