Vilsack talking biofuels with Airlines


USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack is meeting with officials from Boeing, Honeywell and United Airlines today to discuss the role biofuels can play in addressing the long-term energy needs of commercial airlines and the U.S. military.

Vilsack will host an hour-long roundtable in Chicago at Boeing’s headquarters today with the Vice Presidents of Boeing and United Express, a leader from Honeywell International and other area business leaders as part of the administration’s effort to reduce the country dependence on foreign fuels.

Vilsack expects biofuels use to continue to grow in the aviation industry.


USDA has worked in recent years with the U.S. Navy and the Federal Aviation Administration to promote the use of biofuels as jet fuel, and has invested in other projects to advance the aviation biofuels industry.

Last July, USDA announced that farmers in four states can qualify for a federal cost-sharing payment if they raise camelina for conversion into jet fuel.  North Dakota and Montana are two of those states.