Egypt buys more CGM, DDGS


Egypt’s October-to-January imports of corn gluten meal (CGM) reached 50 million metric tons, up 19 percent compared to last year, a development Dr. Hussein Soliman, U.S. Grains Council director in Egypt, attributed to increased production in Egypt’s poultry, fish and dairy sectors. CGM use in fish feed has grown 20 percent in the last three years and continues to trend upward.

“Last year, Egypt’s CGM imports reached 164,000 metric tons –  a relative milestone compared to 2000 when imports were zero. Egypt is now the largest export market for U.S. CGM,” Soliman noted.

Imports of distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) also increased to 109,840 metric tons in calender year 2011, up from 80,000 metric tons last year.

“End-users are beginning to realize that DDGS is an excellent source not only for protein but also for energy,” Soliman said.

Source: USGA