Farm program in its seventh season, planning for eighth


In its seventh season, the America’s Heartland television program continues to introduce non-farm viewers to the men and women who provide the food, fuel, and fiber we use and consume daily. The series is currently seen in 20 of the top 25 television markets and on more than 240 PBS stations, covering 60 percent of the country. Overall, including its RFD-TV viewership, the series reaches more than 40 million viewers each season. The National Corn Growers Association is a proud promotional partner of the program.

“We’re very happy to support this program because it provides an important way to make sure people in the cities and suburbs know more about what all of us are doing on the farm to make all our lives better,” said NCGA President Garry Niemeyer. “With the vast majority of Americans having fewer ties to rural America, it’s important to let them know how we work hard to produce the food and other farm products they still depend on, and the many challenges we face doing so.”

Recent segments of interest in the current season include:

  • One that introduced the audience to two farm women in Kansas who married farmers and are new to farming. Click here to view.
  • An episode on Norman Borlaug’s Green Revolution and the World Food Prize. Click here to view.
  • An “Ask a Farmer” segment where a California grower talks about the various types of corn grown in the country. Click here to view.

Many segments are targeted specifically to consumers: “Off the Shelf” looks at food choices we make at the supermarket; “Fast Facts about Food” reveals the nutritional benefits in many agricultural products; “Farm to Fork,” with nationally known chef Dave Lieberman, takes consumers from farm fields to farm kitchens for unique recipes; and “Harvesting Knowledge” explores the rich history of foods we enjoy every day.

In December, America’s Heartland established of the new Fund for Agriculture Education, designed to sustain the national PBS and RFD-TV series into an eighth season in 2012. The Fund will also give ag organizations new opportunities to showcase their own support for the only program of its kind celebrating American agriculture.

Source: NCGA