Montana & Minnesota farmers testify at Senate Ag Farm Bill hearing


The Senate Ag Committee today held their second Farm Bill hearing of the month. The hearing focused on Strengthening Conservation through the Twenty-Twelve Farm Bill.

Many farm organizations are already on record supporting the proposed consolidation of 23 conservation programs into 13 programs.

Carl Mattson of Mattson Farms, Chester, MT

During the second panel of the hearing, several farmer testimonies were heard.

Carl Mattson, a farmer near Chester, Montana says the implementation of conservation practices works.


Mattson says while meeting those needs, farmers need to balance the competing demands of high productivity with need to maintain sustainability.

Darrel Mosel of Darrel Mosel Farm, Gaylord, MN

Darrel Mosel, a farmer from Gaylord, Minnesota explained that the pressures in agriculture are immense.


The next Senate Ag Committee hearing on the Farm Bill will be held on Wednesday, March 7th to discuss Healthy Food Initiatives, such as farmers’ markets.