NCGA Agri-Industry Council cultivates understanding, cooperation


Last week, 22 representatives of 13 agribusinesses gathered with National Corn Growers Association leadership in Washington for NCGA’s Agri-Industry Council’s biannual meeting.  Over the course of two days, attendees received updates on key NCGA programs.  Additionally, they discussed topics of special importance to the entire agricultural community right now, including the importance of ag policy in meeting future demand, ways in which to include climate change projections into agricultural forecasts more accurately and how the coming election year will affect the corn sector.

“The work done in AIC meetings is crucial to helping NCGA fulfill its mission of creating and maintaining opportunities for corn growers,” said NCGA Chairman and AIC Co-Chair Bart Schott. “Only through unified position throughout the industry will we make our voices loud enough to reach the best possible outcomes for growers as we face the challenging political landscape.”

Political analyst and commentator Paul Begala, whose work appears on CNN, Newsweek and The Daily Beast, provided attendees with his insight into the current political climate.  Begala, an influential liberal, provided insight into the 2012 election cycle and elucidated on how this might play out in the foreseeable future.

One major topic of conversation was how many acres of corn U.S. farmers would plant this season. During the a session looking ahead at the 2012 crop year, NCGA Vice President of Production and Utilization Paul Bertels presented several possible trends and the probable outcomes should each be realized.

The group will meet again, August 14-16, 2012 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Source: NCGA