ND CRP signup ends April 6


The North Dakota FSA Conservation Reserve Program general signup ends on April 6.

State Executive Director Aaron Krauter is encouraging producers to contact their local county office to discuss enrolling land in CRP. Land offered during the general signup is ranked according to an environmental benefits index (EBI) based on the relative environmental benefits of the land offered. Krauter expects the general signup to be very competitive since there are over 6.5 million acres expiring across the country in 2012.

“In North Dakota alone, we’re looking at over 830 thousand acres of CRP expiring this year, so there’s a lot of interest in getting land re-enrolled,” Krauter said.  “There are several enhancements to offers that producers can make that will make their offer more competitive.”

Producers are also reminded that if offered acreage is not accepted during the general CRP signup, land devoted to certain practices may still be eligible to be enrolled in CRP through the non-competitive continuous CRP signup.

Source: USDA FSA ND Office