SD crop values


South Dakota

The value of all principal crops grown in South Dakota in 2011 totaled $7.77 billion. This is up 25 percent from the $6.20 billion value of the 2010 crops.

Corn for grain was valued at $3,953.1 million, up 36 percent from 2010. Soybeans were valued at $1,716.7 million, up slightly from 2010. Alfalfa hay was valued at $793.1 million, up 90 percent from 2010. The value of other spring wheat decreased 26 percent from the previous year, to $323.4 million.

The value of winter wheat increased 41 percent from the previous year, to $474.1 million. Remaining crops and their 2011 values are: other hay, $207.5 million, sunflower, $221.5 million; oats, $14.7 million; proso millet, $7.5 million; sorghum for grain, $37.0 million; dry edible beans, $6.8 million; barley, $2.9 million; flaxseed, $1.5 million and durum wheat, $2.0 million. Crop values are computed by multiplying the marketing year average price by the production.

United States

Values for the 2011 major field crops in the United States totaled $171.4 billion, up 9 percent from the revised 2010 total of $157.5 billion.


Source: USDA NASS SD Field Office