August 11, 2022
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State land board send $12 million to oil country for emergency services

Governor  Jack Dalrymple and other members of the state Board of University and School Lands (state Land Board) awarded nearly $12 million in grants to help fund enhancements in emergency services throughout the state’s oil and gas counties. The grants are part of the Energy Impact Fund which was created to address the needs created by rapid oil development.

“These grant awards of $12 million will make a significant difference in the delivery of emergency services in Oil Country,” Dalrymple said. “State officials held 14 meetings in nine cities to help determine where the state’s help is most needed.”

The Land Board approved 106 grant applications, including 59 for fire departments and emergency responders, 29 grants for ambulance services and 12 for law enforcement services. The grants include funding for personnel and equipment at the Tioga Fire Hall; equipment for the McKenzie County Ambulance Service; a new ambulance and ambulance garage in Killdeer; a new rescue vehicle and equipment for the Dickinson Rural Fire District and training for emergency responders in Bowman.

Dalrymple is chairman of the five-member state Land Board. Other board members are: Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Superintendent of Public Instruction Wayne Sanstead and state Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.

Following Dalrymple’s recommendation, the Legislature created the Energy Impact Fund and has appropriated $135 million for the 2011-13 biennium to offset direct impacts created by rapid development in the state’s oil and gas counties. So far, the state has awarded about $73 million to political subdivisions for critical infrastructure upgrade, emergency service enhancements and other needs. About $45 million in additional grant funding will be allocated to projects early this summer.

Source: Office of Governor Dalyrmple

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