August 9, 2022
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Midwest Dairy elects corporate, division officers

Dairy producer board members of Midwest Dairy Association have elected officers at the corporate level and in the organization’s eight divisions.  Jerry Messer, Richardton, N.D., will continue to lead the organization as corporate chairman.  Allen Merrill, Parker, S.D., and Bill Siebenborn, Trenton, Mo., will extend their service as vice chairman and first vice chairman, respectively.  The executive team is rounded out by secretary Ken Herbranson of Clitherall, Minn., and treasurer Dan Grunhovd of Gary, Minn.

Elections took place at the Midwest Dairy Annual Meeting held in conjunction with a national dairy promotion forum in Scottsdale, Ariz.

New members elected to the Midwest Dairy Corporate Board include:

  • Kristine Spadgenske, Menagha, Minn.;
  • Gerrit Davelaar, Inwood, Iowa;
  • Doug Nuttelman, Stromsburg, Neb.; and
  • Byron Lehman, Newton, Kan.

Division officers and new members in the Dakotas region are as follows:

North Dakota Division

  • Chairman – Jerry Messer, Richardton;
  • Vice Chairman – Terry Entzminger, Jamestown;
  • Secretary – Rita Mosset, Linton; and
  • Treasurer – Lilah Krebs, Gladstone.

New ex-officio members on the North Dakota Division Board include:

  • Doug Hanson, representing Dean Foods; and
  • Paul Morlock, representing Cass-Clay.

South Dakota Division

  • Chairman – Jim Neugebauer, Dimock;
  • Vice Chairman – Susan Sybesma, Platte;
  • Secretary – Allen Merrill, Parker; and
  • Treasurer – Gary Jarding, Alexandria.

New members on the South Dakota Division Board include:

  • Dan Thyen, Waverly; and
  • Arlen Harvey, Ree Heights.

Iowa Division

  • Chairman – G. Joe Lyon, Toledo;
  • Vice Chairman – Norbert Schmidt, Readlyn;
  • Secretary – Dan Hotvedt, Decorah; and
  • Treasurer – Larry Shover, Delhi.

New members on the Iowa Division Board include:

  • Harvey VanEss, Sanborn;
  • Paul Bodensteiner; West Union;
  • Gary Kregel, Guttenberg; and
  • Lee Maassen, Maurice.

Minnesota Division

  • Chairman – Ken Herbranson, Clitherall;
  • Vice Chairman – Dan Grunhovd, Gary;
  • Secretary –  Suzanne Vold, Glenwood; and
  • Treasurer – Ron Rinkel, Hillman.

The Minnesota Dairy Promotion Council, a quasi-governmental group with the same board members, elected the following:

  • Chairman – Kathleen Skiba, North Branch;
  • Vice Chairman – Charles Krause, Buffalo;
  • Secretary – Judy Hoffman, Waseca;
  • Treasurer – Christine Sukalski, LeRoy; and
  • Executive member at-large – Ron Rinkel, Hillman.

Nebraska Division

  • Chairman – Lowell Mueller, Hooper;
  • Vice Chairman – Deb Eschliman, Ericson; and
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Dean Engelman, Jansen.

New members on the Nebraska Division Board include:

  • Joyce Racicky, Mason City; and
  • Mary Temme, Wayne.

Source: Midwest Dairy Association

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