August 16, 2022
Fargo, US 76 F

ND crop & livestock weather report


Seeding of small grains had begun, well ahead of last year and the average. Other activities during the week included making preparations for seeding and applying fertilizer.


Calving was 44 percent complete, while lambing was 64 percent complete. Shearing was 82 percent complete. Cow conditions were rated 1 percent poor, 7 fair, 73 good, and 19 excellent. Calf conditions were rated 7 percent fair, 70 good, and 23 excellent. Sheep conditions were rated 6 percent fair, 69 good, and 25 excellent. Lamb conditions were rated 6 percent fair, 67 good, and 27 excellent.

Hay and forage supplies were rated 2 percent short, 79 adequate, and 19 surplus. The percentage of feed obtained from pasture and range was 17 percent for cattle and 9 percent for sheep. Grain and concentrate supply was rated 4 percent short, 82 adequate, and 14 surplus. Pastures and ranges were rated 69 percent still dormant.

Source: USDA NASS ND Field Office

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