August 9, 2022
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North & South Dakota livestock report

North Dakota

Calving was 69 percent complete, while lambing was 81 percent complete. Shearing was 90 percent complete. Cow conditions were rated 1 percent poor, 7 fair, 73 good, and 19 excellent. Calf conditions were rated 6 percent fair, 70 good, and 24 excellent. Sheep conditions were rated 7 percent fair, 70 good, and 23 excellent. Lamb conditions were rated 8 percent fair, 68 good, and 24 excellent. Hay and forage supplies were rated 2 percent short, 79 adequate, and 19 surplus. The percentage of feed obtained from pasture and range was 19 percent for cattle and 16 percent for sheep. Grain and concentrate supply was rated 4 percent short, 81 adequate, and 15 surplus. Pastures and ranges were rated 36 percent still dormant.

South Dakota

Cattle are rated 95 percent in good to excellent condition up 3 percentage points from last week. Calving was at 64 percent complete as of April 15th. Cattle moved to pasture is rated at 19 percent complete. Sheep are also rated 95 percent in good to excellent condition. Lambing was at 70 percent complete as of April 15th. Stock water supplies are 92 percent adequate to surplus and feed supplies are 98 percent adequate to surplus. Range and pasture conditions are rated 58 percent good to excellent, 36 percent fair and 6 percent poor, compared to 52 percent good to excellent last week.


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