August 9, 2022
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South Dakota farmer wins AGROTAIN drawing

Lynn Harrell of Miller, S.D., won 100 acres worth of free AGROTAIN nitrogen stabilizer to help protect his nitrogen fertilizer investment for his 2012 sunflower crop. During his visit to the Top Producer Seminar in Chicago this winter, Harrell entered a drawing for and won 100 acres worth of free AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services, LLC to help protect his nitrogen investment this year.

“I had heard about AGROTAIN® stabilizer over the years and was interested in finding a product that could help slow down nitrogen loss,” says Harrell. “Winning the drawing gives me the opportunity to evaluate AGROTAIN® stabilizer now.”

AGROTAIN stabilizer is added to urea and urea‐based fertilizers to control costly nitrogen loss on the soil surface.  When volatilization occurs, as much as 30 percent of the nitrogen can be lost before the crop has a chance to use it.

“Because so many farmers are beginning to understand the problem of nitrogen loss, we knew there would be a high interest in AGROTAIN stabilizer as the grand prize in our drawing,” says Koch Agronomic Services regional manager Tom King. “By controlling nitrogen loss from volatilization, it helps farmers put more of their nitrogen investment to work for their crops.”

Lynn Harrell farms with his brother Harry. In addition to sunflowers, the Harrell brothers grow corn, wheat and soybeans. They plan to use the free AGROTAIN stabilizer with urea that will be applied in May, when they plant sunflowers.

Source: Koch Agronomic Services

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