August 9, 2022
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Alltech launches crop science division

On Tuesday Alltech announced the official launch of its Crop Science division. Using the power of yeast, Alltech Crop Science products are aiming at offering a viable alternative to conventional agrochemicals.

Alltech says that due to a rapid move to outlaw chemicals, producers worldwide are left with increasingly limited options in terms of disease resistance and production potential. According to a recent issue of New Ag International magazine, in the European Union alone, 600 of 1,000 registered pesticide active ingredients have been de-listed with an additional 300 on the verge of prohibition. This rapid move to outlaw chemicals has left producers worldwide with increasingly-limited options in terms of disease resistance and production potential. Alltech says that recent moves like these have catalyzed the swift growth of the biological sector, bringing non-traditional control methods to the forefront of agricultural production.

Geoff Frank, CEO of Alltech Crop Science shares about the division. About Alltech Crop Science

He says it is an important advancement both from growers and consumers.

“Consumers are increasingly discerning in their food choices, and are asking for more natural products. As a result, some traditional methods of production have become obsolete as more and more chemicals are being banned on a global scale,” saidFrank. “As producers are looking for alternatives, our technology is integral to propelling the industry into the future.”

For nearly twenty years Alltech Crop Science, formerly known as Improcrop, has conducted research on 69 cultivars in 29 countries to form the scientific basis for its products. Their North American brand portfolio –Agro-Mos, Compost-Aid, Complex-Aid, Crop-Set, Grain-Set, Soil-Set  and Liqui-Plex Mn – addresses each stage of crop development, providing plants with precision nutrition and offering growers a naturally based alternative to chemicals.

More information on the Alltech Crop Science line of products can be found at their website,

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