August 11, 2022
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Blair talks fetal programming study in cattle at Alltech Symposium

Beef supplies continue to decline. And consumers had to pay 10 percent more for beef in twenty-eleven, according to the USDA. And some analysts are predicting this year may follow with an increase of 5 percent.

As a result of rising beef prices, 34 percent of American restaurant customers are ordering less expensive steak while dining out compared to higher priced steak, while 35 percent will order a chicken meal over a steak meal. That according to results recently released in a National Beef Checkoff study.

Despite the decline in beef orders at the restaurant, Amanda Blair, Assistant Professor of Meat Science at South Dakota State University is staying positive about consumers’ interest in beef.

Blair 1

Blair shared at the Alltech Symposium about fetal programming research she has been a part of at SDSU. I caught up with her after her presentation to learn more about that research.

Blair 2

She said they are excited to see the results of their research and share them with producers.

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Blair says a bulk of the research is being funded by the USDA and South Dakota Beef Industry Council and is critical for producing more beef with fewer cattle.

Blair 4

She also says it is important to help consumers understand what they are eating, especially since Lean Finely Texture Beef has entered media attention.

Blair 5

Blair says the comments she’s received about their research from producers and others have been encouraging so far.





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