August 16, 2022
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House Ag Subcommittee talks crop insurance & commodity programs

The House farm bill process is under way again this week, with House Ag Committee subcommittees continuing a series of hearings on key farm policy issues ahead of mark-up. Hearings Wednesday and today covered commodity programs and crop insurance.

Witnesses focused on the need for meaningful price protection, payments that would kick in only when needed and policy that is fair to all commodities and producers.

When addressing crop insurance, University of Illinois’s Gary Schnitkey says that there are gaps in the program, but the Senate plan accounts for them.


But, Dee Vaughan, President of the Southwest Council of Agribusiness in Texas disagrees.

Vaughan 1

And Vaughan says that protecting against multi-year deep prices declines is not just a rice or peanuts issue.

Vaughan 2

The witnesses did agree that the farm bill needs to get done this year to ensure producers will have certainty this fall when planning for the 2013 growing season.

American Farm Bureau Federation President Stallman…


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