August 9, 2022
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North Dakota crop & livestock report

Barley was 93 percent planted, 61 percent emerged. Durum planted was at 76 percent, compared with 2 percent last year and the five-year (2007-2011) average of 32 percent. Forty-seven percent of Durum had emerged, ahead of 0 last year and 10 percent on average. Spring wheat was 94 percent planted and 69 percent emerged.

Oats were 87 percent planted, compared with 12 percent last year and 52 percent on average. Emergence of oats reached 58 percent. Canola was 82 percent planted, ahead of 7 percent last year and 39 percent on average.

Corn was 83 percent planted, an increase of 26 percentage points from last week. Dry peas were 88 percent planted, compared with 6 percent last year and 60 percent on average. Emergence of dry peas advanced 33 percentage points to 52 percent.

Potatoes were 76 percent planted, compared with 3 percent last year and 34 percent on average. Planting of soybeans was 51 percent complete, an increase of 40 percentage points.

Seventy-one percent of sugarbeets were emerged, an increase of 60 percentage points from last week. Spring wheat and oat conditions were generally good to excellent. Other agricultural activities included spraying herbicides.

Calving was 93 percent complete. Pasture and range conditions were 1 percent very poor, 7 poor, 23 fair, 58 good, and 11 excellent.

Source: USDA NASS ND Field Office

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