August 16, 2022
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North & South Dakota crop reports

North Dakota

Planting activities were in the final phase for small grains and for some other crops. Emergence of both barley and Durum wheat advanced 26 percentage points to 87 percent and 73 percent, respectively. Spring wheat was 90 percent emerged, up 21 percentage points from last week and ahead of the five-year (2007-2011) average of 41 percent. Eighty-five percent of oats were emerged, an increase of 27 percentage points from last week. Canola was 60 percent emerged, ahead of 1 percent last year and 26 percent on average.

Corn advanced 38 percentage points to 66 percent emerged, ahead of 22 percent on average. Planting of dry beans reached 61 percent complete by Sunday, a 49 percentage point increase from last week. Flaxseed was 73 percent planted, ahead of 7 percent last year and 46 percent on average. Planting of soybeans was 84 percent complete, an increase of 33 percentage points.

Sunflowers were 36 percent planted, ahead of 2 percent last year and 18 percent on average. Small grain conditions were mostly good as of Sunday. Other agricultural activities during the week included spraying herbicides.

South Dakota

Winter wheat conditions are rated at 4 percent poor, 27 percent fair, and 69 percent in good to excellent condition. Winter wheat is at 88 percent boot and 39 percent headed. Spring wheat conditions are rated at 7 percent poor, 14 percent fair and 79 percent good to excellent. Spring wheat is at 45 percent boot and 2 percent headed. Corn conditions are rated at 1 percent very poor, 1 percent poor, 12 percent fair, and 86 percent good to excellent. Corn is at 93 percent planted with 64 percent emerged. Soybeans are at 65 percent planted with 20 percent emerged.


Source: USDA NASS ND & SD Field Offices

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