August 9, 2022
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Representatives weigh in on thoughts concerning farm bill policy in hearing Wednesday

The House farm bill process is under way again this week, with House Agriculture Committee subcommittees continuing a series of hearings on key farm policy issues ahead of a mark-up. As members of the House Ag Committee craft the commodity title of the next farm bill, Representatives on Wednesday weighed in on their thoughts as they began a hearing discussing farm policy and crop insurance programs.

Ranking Member Collin Peterson of Minnesota warned members about repeating mistakes of the past.

Hearing 1

Southerner growers and Congressmen have raised objections to the Senate Ag Committee’s farm bill proposal, saying it doesn’t provide them with an adequate safety net. Peterson says he recognizes the needs of rice, peanut and cotton producers.

Hearing 2

House Ag Chairman Frank Lucas has repeatedly said he’s setting his sights on a farm bill that treats all regions and all producers equally.

Hearing 3

But Peterson doesn’t share his optimism.

Hearing 4

House Ag subcommittee’s are holding hearings Thursday and Friday as well to discuss Farm Bill topics including commodity programs, crop insurance and energy and forestry programs.

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