August 9, 2022
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USDA Deputy Director for Scientific & Technical Affairs says ag has bright future in trade

International Trade has been a hot topic this week at the Alltech 28th Annual International Symposium. It is hot on the minds of those involved in agriculture across the world. In the U.S., USDA’s investigation of a BSE case nears completion and quarantines have been lifted on two central California Dairies.

And while those cases were confirmed by the World Organization for Animal Health to be atypical versions of BSE, USDA Deputy Director for Scientific and Technical Affairs Joe Hain says that concern about the disease in beef is still one of the biggest trade issues for exporting U.S. products.

Hain 1

Hein says another big issue is the U.S.’s use of biotechnology, especially for the European Union. He says there is science to back up the safety of the U.S. system and products, but it is mostly a political issue.

Hain says this is concerning, because it has a drastic effect for U.S. producers.

Hain 2

But, Hain says despite the trade barriers, the future looks bright for U.S. exports.

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