August 9, 2022
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June is Dairy Month

June Dairy Month, an annual celebration that began in 1937, is traditionally a time to reflect on dairy foods and the industry that makes it possible.  It was created as a way to help distribute extra milk when cows started on pasture in the summer months. Today, its rich history continues, with communities, companies and people from all over the country observing June Dairy Month in a variety of ways. In 2012, Midwest Dairy is celebrating dairy farmers’ commitment to producing fresh, wholesome and nutritious milk with fewer resources fostering healthy people, communities and planet, and meeting the food needs of a growing global population.

Dairy Fast Facts

  • Dairy makes eating healthy easy! An 8-ounce glass of milk contains nine essential nutrients and costs about 25 cents providing more nutritional bang for your buck.
  • Dairy farms support rural communities in all 50 states.
  • There are more than 51,000 dairy farm families in the Unites States, including more than 9,500 in Midwest Dairy’s 10 states.
  • The economic impact of U.S. dairy is estimated to be $140 billion.
  • Dairy is local. It typically takes two days to get from the farm to the grocery store.
  • The dairy industry has reduced the environmental impact of a gallon of milk since 1944, resulting in 90% less cropland, 75% less manure, 65% less water and 63% less carbon.

Source: Midwest Dairy Association

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