August 9, 2022
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Senator Grassley hopeful farm bill will pass by August 4

The Senate has begun consideration of a farm and food bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday indicated that the Senate would attempt to take up a bill, moving on after Democrats failed to advance women’s pay legislation. When the vote occurs, the Senate will need 60 votes in order to proceed to the agriculture legislation.

Ag Committee member Charles Grassley said yesterday there is potential for the measure to get held up in the House, with a lot hinging on where southern lawmakers stand on the bill and where the new members of the House stand on the bill.

Grassley said he hopes the House “doesn’t do a lot of damage” to the Senate bill once it passes, as time is of the essence in getting a bill passed this year. He expects southern ag interests to offer amendments, but thinks if those interests can be overcome they will be able to get a bill passed by August 4, before the summer break.

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