Dakotafest Auction items announced to support SDSU new Cow/Calf Unit

During the 2012 Dakotafest, an auction will raise funds for the construction of a new Cow/Calf Research and Teaching Unit at South Dakota State University.

 “This auction will allow supporters of South Dakota’s cattle industry to participate in raising the needed funds for a facility which provides valuable research data and learning opportunities for students and stakeholders,” said Dr. Cody Wright, professor of Animal Science.

Several sponsors have made generous donations to the auction held Aug. 23 at 1 p.m., in the Northwest Veterinary Supply tent. To give even more supporters an opportunity to contribute, this year’s auction will also be online, says Donnie Leddy, co-chair of the auction committee.

“South Dakota’s livestock community and SDSU family encompasses a large demographic. Not everyone can be in Mitchell on the 21st, so we’re working with DVAuctions so people from across the state can contribute to this project,” Leddy said.

Auction items include: $500 credit toward bull sale donated by 3C Simmental/NLC Ranch; two certificates for 20 units (each) of 014 stud code semen donated by Accelerated Genetics; Ritchie waterer donated by Agland Co-op; Case (12 – 500 ml bottles) of Agrimectin 1% donated by AgriLabs; 10 units of semen from any bull in their catalog donated by Allied Genetic Resources; Beef Recipe Collection donated by Beef Bucks; $25 in Beef Bucks donated by Beef Bucks; $500 credit toward bull sale  donated by Bruner Limousin; three, $500 certificates towards parts/service at any C&B Operations John Deere Dealership donated by C&B Operations; three block mineral feeder donated by Campbell Supply; 2 tons of Right Now Emerald mineral donated by Cargill Animal Nutrition; 1/2 page, full color advertisement in Cattle Business Weekly donated by Cattle Business Weekly; three, $500 certificates for purchase of feed at any CHS Nutrition facility donated by CHS Nutrition; 20′ steel feedbunk donated by Common Sense Manufacturing; eight bags of Roundup Ready alfalfa  donated by Croplan Genetics; three bags of forage sorghum donated by Croplan Genetics; $500 certificate for purchase of seed donated by Curry Seed; 1 truckload (approximately 30 tons) of MDGS donated by Dakota Ethanol; five,  $300 certificates toward purchase of feed donated by Dakotaland Feeds; Chicagoland NASCAR race package which includes two race tickets and two passes to DuPont Hospitality Tent donated by DuPont/Pioneer; two,  $250 merchandise certificates donated by Ethan Coop Lumber; Custom-made personalized sign donated by First Dakota Bank; Picture and video session for 1 bull or female donated by Focus Marketing Group; five,  $100 Beef Bucks packages donated by Fred and Joan DeRouchey; two,  $250 certificates toward purchase of Crystalyx  donated by Freemar Co-op in Dimock; two,  $500 certificates toward purchase of semen from their catalog donated by Genex; $1000 certificate toward purchase of a bull donated by Geppert Rock Creek Livestock; six, $250 certificates for Crystalyx or mineral donated by Hubbard Feeds; Rhino bed liner donated by Iverson Motors; Bull lease donated by Jorgenson Land and Cattle; 3-point hitch receiver donated by MDS Manufacturing; 1 ton Purina Wind and Rain mineral donated by Mike’s Corner; Certificate toward purchase of Legend Seed donated by Mike’s Corner; 12 bags of any Dekalb seed corn donated by Monsanto; two, $250 meat certificates to Eichs Meat Market in Salem donated by Palace Builders; HG91 head gate donated by Priefert; two tickets to the 2012 National Finals Rodeo – Dec. 8, donated by Priefert; $500 credit toward bull sale donated by Roster Charolais; $250 ethanol certificate donated by SD Corn Utilization Council; $200 gift basket donated by SD Pork Producers; 3-year membership donated by SD Soybean Council; $500 certificate for purchase of certified seed donated by SD Wheat Commission and SD Crop Improvement Association; 40 bushels of winter wheat seed donated by SD Wheat Growers; two packages of two Beef Bowl BBQ and Game Tickets donated by SDSU ABS College and Dept of Animal Science; Ground mineral feeder donated by Sioux Steel; Upright mineral feeder donated by Sioux Steel; $250 certificate for purchase of Certified Angus Beef donated by South Dakota Angus Breeders Association; two $500 credits toward bull sale donated by Symens Limousin; $500 credit toward bull sale donated by Thomas Ranch; In vivo flush and three fresh tranfers donated by Trans-Ova;Conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure donated by Trans-Ova; two spray-in bedliners donated by Vern Eide Ford – Mitchell; two, $250 vouchers for auto service donated by Vern Eide Ford – Mitchell; three, 10′ corral panels donated by Vern’s Manufacturing;$500 credit at bull sale donated by Wienk Charolais; On-farm embryo flush and three fresh embryo transfers (includes all meds for ovulation, AI, collection, and transfer) donated by Wildhorse Vet Clinic; four, $250 advertising vouchers donated by WNAX;  and 1/4 page advertisement donated by Tri-State Neighbor.

This spring, the current SDSU Cow/Calf Unit which is located on campus in Brookings was damaged by fire and is in need of updates to meet the industry’s needs for research, development and student training.

Land for the new facility has been purchased 10 miles from campus. The process is currently underway to select an architect of record for the project and to initiate the final design process. The state-of-the-art facility will be built on 640-acres and will include; indoor calving and working facilities, a wet lab, meeting space and a nutritional research barn.

One of only a few facilities like it in the nation, Wright says the facility will be used by researchers, students and producers for research and educational purposes to strengthen the South Dakota cattle industry.

Large animal veterinarian, Dave Barz, is a strong supporter of the new cow/calf unit.

 “This cow/calf unit is the future of South Dakota’s cattle industry,” says Barz, who has worked with South Dakota cattle producers since 1974, and is a partner in Northwest Vet Supply, Parkston, S.D. “This is a dynamic industry. Changes happen rapidly, and it takes units like this to research what works in South Dakota.”

Source: SDSU Extension