Producers meet for first session NCGA Leadership Academy

Growers are gathered in Greensboro, N.C. for the first session of the NCGA Leadership Academy. Upon completion of the program in January, the participants will join more than 500 colleagues who have graduated from this program in the past 26 years.

At the meeting, participants will get up-close look at NCGA from President Garry Niemeyer, who is also a Leadership Academy alumnus. Farmers will take part in media training and public speaking exercises as well as association management skill building. In addition, the class will look at future trends that will impact the industry and a comprehensive economic forecast from futurist Bob Treadway.

“As a Leadership Academy graduate, I have a deep appreciation for the confidence and skills attendees develop in such a short time, and of the ability of Syngenta and other presenters to hone in on what is most needed,” Niemeyer said. “As NCGA president, I am excited to see new leaders who want to take on an active role in the association. When these volunteers come together, you can feel their passion for the industry. It is heartening to know that such strong farmer leaders will carry on our mission well into the future.”

Among this year’s class are Tom Haag (Minn.), Jason Kontz (S.D.), Douglas Noem (S.D.), Daniel Wesely (Neb.) and Roger Zylstra (Iowa).

The second phase of the Leadership Academy runs March 18-20 in Washington and will cover public policy, lobbying, parliamentary procedure and visits to Capitol Hill. Additionally, it will offer an intensive media training course new to the program. Adding to the work done in this program, NCGA continues its more advanced leadership training program in September, also co-sponsored by Syngenta. Advanced Leadership Academy provides intensive leadership training to a handful of well-qualified applicants.

Source: NCGA