September 29, 2022
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NAFB Trade Talk 2012: MANA’s Incognito targets white mold

We spoke with MANA Product Manager Dave Downing at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention about the prevalence of white mold in fields.

He says that is is important for producers to look out for the conditions that white mold prevails in, especially if we have a mild winter.


For producers concerned about their situation, Downing says MANA’s Incognito will really manage white mold disease.


Downing recommends using Incognito for prevention of the disease.


He says growers in the Dakotas are having good results with the product. And with current commodity prices at their current levels, Downing says many are using it as a preventative measure.


Downing says that it is best for producers to go to their dealer to learn more about Incognito, but you can also go to MANA’s website or check out their white mold website for more information on treating the disease.

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