September 29, 2022
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NAFB Trade Talk 2012: Merck’s Moore says October/November most prevalent time BRD

Considered one of the most common diseases in cattle, Bovine Respiratory Disease takes a substantial toll on animal health, productivity and welfare. And according to Merck Animal Health, it will be a tougher year to fight BRD in those calves that have been nutritionally challenged due to environmental challenges.

Merck Technical Services Manager Dr. Eric S. Moore says right now is when the highest incidences of Bovine Respiratory Disease is seen.


He says that there are a few different things producers can do to help prevent BRD, keep their calves healthy and treat any sicknesses.  Dr. Moore also talks specifically about where Merck VISTA vaccines and Safe-Guard for deworming fit in.


Dr. Moore says that cattle like to hide their symptoms of BRD, so if they do get sick it is important to treat any small symptoms of disease right away. He says Merck’s Resflor Gold, a combination fast-acting treatment antibiotic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, will be a good treatment as soon as symptoms are identified.

Dr. Moore also spoke about ZUPREVO, a recently launched fast-acting, long-lasting antibiotic that concentrates in the lung.


He says that this year is an odd year with the drought and nutritionally challenged cows. But, he says producers using Merck products have seen good results with their products. And Dr. Moore says the input cost of treating cattle and using preventative care is worth it because of current prices.


Dr. Moore recommends that producers with questions about Merck’s products talk to their local veterinarian first, as he or she has the best knowledge of your region and what is working. Also, he says Merck’s sales force on the ground or Merck’s website are great resources. And, he says producers can contact Merck’s technical services staff by calling 1-800-211-3573.

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