Army Corps rejects another request to release water from Missouri River

In response to another request to release more water from the Missouri River to aid navigation on the Mississippi River, the Army Corps of Engineers responded by saying the Missouri cannot legally operate for the support of the Mississippi.

The Army Corps of Engineers rejected a second request by two barge operators last week who are concerned about the water levels on the drought-stricken Mississippi River.

Last week, DTN reported that the Mississippi River level is expected to reach 3 feet at Thebes, Illinois on January 6, 2013. At that point, new limitations on barge traffic may be enforced. And the long range forecast from the National Weather Service calls for the river to keep falling, reaching 2 feet on January 23.

The Coast Guard continues to be confident the Mississippi will remain open. But, the two trade groups, the American Waterways Operators and Waterways Council Inc., argue further limits on barges will bring commercial traffic to a halt.