South Dakota Annual Crop Summary

Corn production in South Dakota in 2012 totaled 535.30 million bushels, down 18 percent from 2011. Yield, at 101.0 bushels per acre, was down 31 bushels from last year. Producers harvested 5.30 million acres for grain, up 7 percent from 2011.

Soybean production in 2012 totaled 141.30 million bushels, down 6 percent from last year’s production. The average yield was 30.0 bushels per acre, down 7 bushels from last year. Acres for harvest, at 4.71 million, were up 16 percent from last year.

All wheat production totaled 102.44 million bushels, down 2 percent from 2011. The average yield was 45.8 bushels per acre, up 8.6 bushels from last year. Acres for harvest, at 2.24 million, were down 21 percent from last year.

Winter wheat seedings for the 2013 crop totaled 1.20 million acres, down 120,000 acres from the previous year’s crop.

All hay production totaled 4.09 million tons, down 53 percent from 2011. The average yield was 1.32 tons per acre, down 1.11 tons from 2011. Acres harvested were down 450 thousand from 2011, to 3.10 million.

Corn stocks totaled 387.0 million bushels, down 28 percent from last year’s total of 538.5 million bushels. On-farm stocks are down 37 percent from last year and off-farm stocks are down 7 percent from 2011.

December 1, 2012 soybean stocks totaled 80.3 million bushels, down 30 percent from last year. On-farm stocks totaled 36.0 million bushels, down 45 percent from last year. Off-farm stocks, at 44.3 million bushels, are down 12 percent from last year.

All wheat stocks totaled 60.3 million bushels, up slightly from last year. On farm stocks are down 13 percent from last year and off farm stocks are up 24 percent from 2011.

Grain storage capacity in South Dakota totaled 992 million bushels on December 1, 2012, up 1 percent from last year. Total grain storage capacity comprises 690 million bushels on-farm and 302 million bushels off-farm. There were 241 facilities with offfarm storage capacity on December 1, 2012, down 1 facility from
last year.


Source: USDA NASS SD Field Office