Have You Thanked A Farmer Today?

Aberdeen Associates, Inc. announced their new social media campaign to support and thank the agriculture industry throughout the United Stated and Canada, “ThankAFarmerFriday,” is gaining momentum.

Peter Barhydt, President of Aberdeen Associates commented: “When people go to the supermarket they do not necessarily think of all the hard working people that make it possible to grab a gallon of milk or eggs or steak or a loaf of bread or just about any product in the store.  We want to remind people that people, husbands and wives and grandparents and children are working hard to ensure we have a safe, reliable food chain.  Every Friday we do just that – we say “Thank You” for all the hard they do.  And we hope others will too.”

Agriculture is the United States’ largest industry representing more than 23 million jobs or 17% of the civilian work force. According the American Farm Bureau Federation there are 2.2 million farms and 97% are operated by families – individuals, family partnership and family corporations.  In all farm and ranch families represent 2% of the United States populations.

Barhydt continued: “Right now #Harvest2013 is under way. On Friday take a moment to thank a farmer if you know one and if you don’t then pass along the “ThankAFarmerFriday” post on social media to show your support.  Social media is a great, easy way to show your support and it is also a fantastic way to see what is happening on farms. So let’s start a movement!”