According To Survey, Consumers Want More Transparency In Food Production

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance recently released the results of its consumer transparency survey. For this survey – USFRA surveyed consumers on the importance of transparency in making and marketing food – including meat products.

Fifty nine percent of consumers say it’s extremely important for grocery stores and restaurants to provide information about the way the food they sell is grown and raised. More than half of respondents say they want more information than they currently receive. Another result is that 40-percent of consumers in their 20s say they often or always buy or order one food item over another because it offered more information about how or where it was grown or raised. Only 32-percent of consumers in their 30s and 40s say the information influences their purchasing decisions and 24-percent of consumers from 50 to 65-years-old say it impacts their decisions. Forty-percent of all respondents say the lack of information on where food comes from sends the message the industry has something to hide – but only 27-percent said most people don’t want to know more. Twenty-four-percent said they understood the information is difficult to provide to consumers – and 10-percent said there’s enough information available currently.

In response to these results – USFRA believes the message of safe, affordable and abundant food falls flat with audiences. USFRA suggests food manufacturers should acknowledge consumer concerns and focus on the future with a commitment to continuously improve. USFRA says consumers seem to respond more to personal stories and concrete examples instead of generalities.