Farm Bill Expected To Come To House Floor This Week


There’s new hope on Capitol Hill that a Senate-House conference committee can finalize a new farm bill early this week. Farm bill conferees have been summoned back to Washington by this morning for possible action on the bill. House and Senate Ag Committee staffs have completed nearly all items in the farm bill – according to reports- and the House is likely to move to consideration of the bill this week without a public conference committee meeting.  That means a majority of conferees from the House and Senate would have to sign the bill privately by this afternoon.
The House Rules Committee is scheduled to meet at 5 o’clock tonight – but it’s unclear whether the farm bill will be filed and considered at that time. House Republicans are scheduled to begin a retreat Wednesday. The Senate is in session all week. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has included the farm bill conference report on his schedule for possible consideration Wednesday.