Jamestown's Winter Ag Expo Begins Tomorrow


Jamestown’s Annual Winter Ag Expo is set to begin tomorrow at the Jamestown Civic Center.  As always, the two day event will boast a full complement of seminars and events.  The Expo will open at 9:00 with a trade show and seminars by Van Ahn & Co as well as a presentation by NDSU Extension Service’s Greg Endres entitled “What We Learned in 2013 That Can Help Your Corn In 2014”.  Other seminars throughout the day will focus on precision agriculture, grain & livestock marketing, weather, and tiling.  There will also be ladies sessions in the Club Room on the Upper Concourse that will discuss various business and management aspects of agriculture.
The second day will continue with a pesticide certification course as well as additional grain marketing and soil health seminars.  The Expo will also offer Ag In The Classroom courses from 9 am to 4 pm.  The trade show will also be open.
For more information, visit the Winter Ag Expo website at http://www.newsdakota.com/winteragexpo/