Rep. Noem Vows To Continue Fight Against School Lunch Regulations


South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem has promised to continue fighting to ease regulations limiting the amount of meat and grain in school lunches – according to The Hill. The first USDA rule was set in January 2012 – creating a weekly range of 10 to 12-ounces of meat and grains for high school students. At the end of 2012 – USDA allowed schools to serve unlimited meat and grain so the schools could have more time to adjust to the rule. This year – USDA extended that even further for the current school year – but Noem proposed legislation to make that extension permanent in December.
Noem says the law says schools can only serve an average of 2-ounces of meat per meal – which is just three chicken nuggets for a high school student. Another part of the law requires students to include fruits and vegetables in their school lunch – which has increased costs and waste as students dumped the food they didn’t want in the trash. To fix that issue – USDA established a rule in June to require schools to offer meat, grains, fruit, vegetables and milk at lunch – but just requiring students to be served three of the five. Noem says government officials shouldn’t dictate what kids eat – and this is an issue she promises will remain a priority of hers over the next year.