Vilsack Talks Farm Bill With American Ag Network


Negotiators in Washington are still working to hammer out the final details on a  Farm Bill, and administration officials continue to keep the heat on conferees to get the job done.
American Ag Network was able to speak with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack yesterday and he said member of Congress have had plenty of time to get the Farm Bill done and now is the time to do it if they want to benefit farmers.  It’s been a talking point for the White House for the past year – ever since Congress passed a one year extension of the farm bill after failure to pass new legislation.  Secretary Vilsack has been described as angry with  the delays, and like a bride groom waiting at the alter.
We asked the Secretary yesterday how he feels now:
Vilsack 1
Vilsack says getting the bill finalized will avert drastic consequences:
Vilsack 2
If congress fails to pass a new farm bill in January – or at least another temporary extension of the 2008 farm bill – pundits say milk prices could rise to $7 a gallon due to the structure of the permanent farm law.